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If you know your way around the internet and how to leverage technology to create an income for yourself then you are probably the right type of candidate for offline marketing your internet business.

CRM Automation

Using a cheap CRM app like Capsule to automate your sales process is a great idea.

There is no better feeling then applying the lessons and skills you use for your own gain to a client business. Especially after you start seeing results and an increase in your clients business. Personally this is why I work with clients, it’s all about that sense of accomplishment you get for a job well done. I challenge anyone out there to help out a local business and not feel great after your work has resulted in a ‘return on investment and then some’ for your client.

Just in case you aren’t 100% sure what I mean by offline marketing and internet business please read the following definition.

My definition of offline marketing is simple. It’s any method you use to acquire internet marketing consulting customers that does not use the internet as an acquisition method.

Simple right? A practical example would be to advertise your website development services in your local newspaper. The newspaper is an ‘offline’ medium while your website development skills is your ‘internet business or your ‘internet marketing consulting’ services.

If you’re still having trouble getting your head around this I’ve created a short list of some of the services you might offer to your internet marketing customers.

  1. SEO services
  2. Content Marketing and Writing
  3. Reputation Management Services
  4. Website Development
  5. Email Marketing Setup
  6. Google AdWords consulting

And some of the more common Offline Marketing Mediums / Strategies

  1. Newspaper / Magazine advertising
  2. Radio Advertising
  3. Cold Calling
  4. Attending Networking Events
  5. Referrals
  6. Letterbox drops

Wherever your particular talents lie try to make sure that the services you provide have some type of ongoing billing option. Ongoing billing is so important as it provides you with the ability to budget for growth. Knowing how much you can expect to earn in your business every month gives you options, including being able to spend advertising dollars acquiring more customers.

Personally I offer a variety of services to my offline clients. However, I am not an ‘everything to everyone’ consultant. I do not try to sell or provide services that I do not have some expertise in. Specifically I apply the lessons I have learned running my own eCommerce business to my clients. This includes content writing, SEO, Email Marketing and Google AdWords services.

I will occasionally pick up a small website project and am happy to help another business owner give their company more visibility however I do not promote website design this as part of my own offering.

My Offline Sales Process

No business should rely on just one sales process. Doing so really limits your opportunities for growth and scaling. In the perfect world I recommend that every business maintain at least ten active sales channels. And I say maintain as you should also be testing and measuring these for effectiveness and improvements.

So today I am going to take you through one of my own sales processes. I will be documenting each step in full detail through a series of blog posts (don’t miss a post by subscribing to this blog now) and linking to each step in this post as they are created. Don’t be surprised if the posts change slightly from time to time as that is the nature of a sales process, to be broken down into small steps which are in a constant state of improvement.

This sales process starts by first running a networking event for small business owners (my target market). It then flows into a set process that I follow to the letter. I hope you find some value from this process, please feel free to pick and choose, copy and use as much as you like. Also if you have any suggestions please leave a comment at the end of this post, I’d be happy to communicate with you.

The 5 step offline sales process for Networking Events

  1. Run Networking Event
  2. Add Prospect to CRM
  3. Send A4 Flyer
  4. Call Prospect 1 Week
  5. Onsite Visit

Several of these steps include a variety of sub-steps and scripts. Definitely worth the look if you are starting your journey with finding offline clients.

Sales Process

My sales process for leads sourced through networking events. Each color denotes a particular step as outlined on this website.


A brief rundown of my process.

It all starts with by hosting your own networking event. Being the organiser of any event puts you in a great position to connect with a lot of people and really start to build out your professional network. All of my best clients and my strongest joint ventures have come from relationships that started at one of my networking events. I can’t recommend this as a platform for building clients ‘offline’ enough.

Why networking events? Well when I relocated to Sydney in 2012 I moved from a city where I had a strong business network to one where I had none. Having no network I quickly went out and started running networking events for business owners to use to connect with each other. What started as just a dozen attendees and a lot of planning has now become a regular event with over 50+ attendees and very little planning each and every time.

After running an event I add my new prospects to a simple CRM app. Ideally you have setup your CRM to include reference to your sales process so that the hard part of knowing which step in your process each of your prospects is automatically handled for you.

After uploading my CRM data I send out an A4 Flyer to reinforce the message and branding used at my networking event. Once sent wait 1 week and then..

Make a phone call. This is so easy and no where near what you would call a ‘cold call’. My prospect has now seen me run a free networking event for them, send them a thank you email and then an A4 flyer. Once you get them on the phone there should be little need to re-establish your business. Conduct a needs analysis and if everything lines up..

Setup a face to face meeting to talk about requirements and needs.

Looking at the entire process at once can seem a little daunting but if you approach every step individually it really is easy to manage. So keep an eye out for more specifics on each of these steps that you can use in your own business over the coming weeks.

Over to you

This is the part where I get really interested in your thoughts, opinions and views. What do you think of this sales process? Is it applicable to your business? Are there any particular points you would like me to go over in more detail? Let me know and join our community by leaving a comment below.