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I wanted to share with you what I think is the best WordPress theme for niche sites. I first bought the theme about a year ago for use on my PogoSpring.com business blog and was so happy with it that I carried on using it on my new Amazon niche sites.

It’s called the ExtraNews theme and the main reason I like it so much is that it not only looks great but it also has an integrated review feature built into the theme. This means that any review article you write looks spectacular as well as professional. Anecdotally I think having a professional looking site helps decrease bounce rates and adds to user engagement, however I have no firm data to back this up so if anyone out there is running ProSense or CTR theme on their Amazon niche sites I’d invite you to leave a comment with your bounce rates so we can compare.

To give you a better idea as to why I use ExtraNews I put together a recording of the theme in action on PogoSpring.com. Take a look.

Click to download your copy of the ExtraNews Theme.

The integrated review system in the ExtraNews theme is easy to use and includes integrated rich snippet micro-data. This is a real point of difference for this niche site premium theme and if you choose to implement Google Authorship in your review site you will have a truly eye grabbing SERP result.

ExtraNews Review

Integrated rich snippet micro-data in action.

One thing I did forget to mention in the video is that this theme comes with seven custom WordPress widgets which really help keep the site looking professional. I don’t use them on my Amazon niche sites however you might decide you like the look of them.

Other features of the ExtraNews Premium WordPress Theme:

  • Ready to be deployed using the latest versions of WordPress
  • Uses a Responsive Design and is Tablet and Mobile Optimized
  • Easy to use and integrated Review System
  • Can use videos as featured posts
  • Access to over 300 Google Web Fonts
  • Integrated Author Pages

I mentioned in the video that I used to use several other WordPress niche site themes such as the CTR theme and ProSense free themes. I will never use these or other low grade niche site themes again. You know I never really felt proud of the sites I deployed using these free themes and I never showed them to friends. I’ll be honest they were borderline spammy and didn’t add any value to visitors as they landed on my sites. Now I think it’s more important to be proud of the work you complete and for me using these CTR optimized themes for niche sites just doesn’t do it. Today when I deploy a niche site using the ExtraNews template I am happy to show it off to my friends and peers. I think that says something.

Over to you

I always welcome the views of others and understand that my opinion is just a collection of my experiences. Do you use another theme for niche sites or have you used other premium niche themes for your sites. Join our community by leaving a comment below.